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Mission statement

I see my job as a therapist in accompanying you in a difficult phase of your life. I want to remind you that you already have everything in you to heal. I recognize your sovereignty and mirror your resources to you. Since every person is unique, I work with an individually suitable method, which I put together partly intuitively and partly from scientifically based interventions.  

I attach great importance to a trusting atmosphere and a therapeutic relationship on an equal footing. I want you to be able to feel completely safe in order to enable the best possible therapy success.  

I am happy to support you in all organizational matters with health insurers and doctors. It is important to me that you get help quickly. 

Flexible therapy times Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. as well as the option of video consultation make it easy for you to integrate the therapy into your everyday life.  

There is a detailed and careful assessment to clarify your problem areas, I use an assessment tool that I developed, which includes all levels of being. I focus on holism and the frame of reference goes beyond the narrow boundaries of the mind.   

I treat all kinds of mental disorders and problems and it is important to me that you take responsibility for your life and for the success of the therapy into your own hands. I am there for you, but you go the way yourself. Besides - no matter how difficult it sometimes seems - let's not lose our sense of humor.  

Prevention is very important to me. That is why I would like to cordially invite you not to only decide on therapy when it is urgent. Be worthy of yourself to take good care of yourself with professional and state-approved help.  

Regular training courses are a matter of course for me. You can expect high quality occupational therapy treatment and I am very happy to be able to accompany you.

Thank you for your trust.  



Milena moon dancer

I am a state-certified occupational therapist specializing in the psychological-functional area, with more than 10 years of professional experience, I have been able to accompany many people on the way to the wisdom of their own heart.  




Foundation of the Center for Prevention and Occupational Therapy

2017 to 2021

Self-employment as a spiritual coach and yoga teacher

2017 to never ending 

Training as a medicine woman in the Shipibo-Konibo tradition

2013 to 2017 

Occupational therapist with a focus on psychological-functional treatment in animal-assisted therapy with 100 wild horses

at prenzlkomm Social Services GmbH

2013 to 2015

training  in NLP, systemic short-term therapy and self-management
Prenzlkomm gGmbH Social Services

2011 to 2013

Occupational therapist specializing in psychological-functional treatment 

at Ergo Effects Practice for Occupational Therapy Anja Werner

2010 to 1214

Yoga teacher (BDY / EYU)

Academy for Yoga Berlin
Member of the professional association of yoga teachers
in Germany eV as well as in the European Yoga Union

2010 to 2011

Certified TriYoga Teacher Triyoga International


Behavioral therapist (IntraActPlus) for children, adolescents and parenting counseling


Further education problem children - child problems

Lightball Media, Yashi Kunz

2008 to 2011

Occupational therapist specializing in psychological-functional treatment 

in Nadine Müller's occupational therapy practice

2005 to 2008 

State recognition as an occupational therapist 

Social care schools Heimerer gGmbH Leipzig


Training on "Model of Human Occupation"

at Christiane Mentrup 2nd Vice President of World Federation of Occupational Therapists


2. Reiki degree in the Usui system of natural healing 


1. Reiki degree in the Usui system of natural healing

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